Saturday, June 6, 2009

Living For Yesterday

Living For Yesterday
by SriKalachandra Das

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Her eyes seem so transparent
where have you gone
lost in a network of thoughts
thinking so long

swimming in an ocean of flaunts
the same old song
and your proclamation staunch
to budge you would be wrong

Some stay in the dark
living for yesterday

Some take movement
with direction
with great care
to make ends meet
but to reject
your reflection
and plug your ears
when eternity speaks

To what
do we give our attention
to what
do we sleep
so much gain to mention
but what do you keep
what do you keep

Some stay in the dark
living for yesterday

The time is now
use your plow
and sow them seeds
grow them trees
that reach the clouds

Its the art of allowing
a satisfied battle cry
so alive
when you're devout

And the flute will lead you to a land
where every walk is a dance
and every word is a song

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