Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to Spirit Matters!

It's a happening!

The first NYC-exclusive issue of Spirit Matters is hot off the presses and hitting the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond.

We're excited to be promoting our East Village Temple community in such a dynamic and creative way, and we pray for your blessings so that Spirit Matters becomes a maximum spiritual inspiration for all who read it here in the Apple.

This is the online version of Spirit Matters, which will feature articles from the mag, as well as online-exclusive pieces, poems, and promotions.

If you have something to say, we can be your village voice! We're looking for practical, personal, spiritual articles and poems, focusing on contemporary issues and the fascinating imagination of living a spiritual, devoted life in today's times.

Your submission may be included in a future print issue of Spirit Matters, or in our online version.
Sri Kalacandra enjoys the Matchless Gifts Conscious Arts section!

We're also humbly asking for small\large donations to cover our printing costs, which right now run to about $1200 per issue.

All submissions/donations can be submitted via email to sanctuary108@gmail.com

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